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Umple messages

General information about Umple errors and warnings

The subsequent pages in the user manual describe each of the errors or warnings that can be emitted by the compiler. These can appear in UmpleOnline, Eclipse and the command-line compiler.

An error is a situation where the compiler can't generate code because the Umple code doesn't make sense; i.e. there is something critical missing, or there is an inconsistency.

A warning is a situation where code can be generated, but the resulting system may not to have the intended semantics (it may not behave as intended) because of an inconsistency, redundancy or assumption that may not be correct.

For developers of Umple itself: The file defining the messages in English is called en.error and is located in cruise.umple/src. Errors have severity 1 or 2, and warnings have severity 3, 4 and 5. When adding a message, a user manual page should be added describing it.
All messages should be detected in the parsing phase by calling setFailedPosition.
It is intended in the future that internationalized versions of Umple will be created; for example fr.error would be the French version. In the near future, it is intended to enable messages from Java or other compilers to be passed through as part of the Umple compilation process; these would be the same as the native language compiler, except that line numbers would be changed to point to the correct line of Umple code.