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Umple Builtin Data Types

The following example illustrates the data types available for Umple attributes. Except as specified, they will generate primitive datatypes in Java.

Initialization of values can be performed in a manner similar to Java or C++. Initialization of Dates uses yyyy-mm-dd format, and initialization of Times use hh:mm:dd format.


class Demo 
  Integer i;
  Integer i2 = 5;

  String str;  // the default if no type is specified
  str3 = "";
  Float flt;

  Double dbl;
  Double dbl2 = 8.0;

  Boolean bln;
  Boolean bln2 = false;

  Date dte; // In Java. uses the java.sql.Date class
  Date dte2 = "2018-09-25";

  Time tme; // In Java. uses the java.sql.Time class
  Time tme2 = "14:56:50";

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Example Using a Native Java Type Rather than a Builtin Umple Type

class DemoNonUmpleType
  // If you use a non-umple type that is specific to a base
  // programming language, then code will be generated
  // consistent with that type, but generation of code
  // independent of base language is no longer possible
  int demoJavaInt;

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