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Secondary tips

In the Umple User Manual, you can select Combined version at the bottom.

At the bottom-left of each user manual page is a link called Combined Version. If you select this you can then use the built-in search function in your browser (control-f or command-f) to find information. Beware though that the combined version web page is extremely big. There is also a pdf version of the manual available.

In Umple textual code, the type comes before an attribute name, but in UML it comes afterwards.

Umple follows the Java, C and C++ approach of specifying the type of an attribute: The type is specified followed by the name. For example:

Integer count;

But class diagrams created in Umple follow the UML convention whereby the type follows the name of the attribute, with a colon separating them. So the above example in a diagram appears as:

count: Integer