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Composite State Table

A composite state table is a state table which, instead of displaying single states and their transitions, displays a combination of multiple concurrent states. They are generated as part of the state table generation.

They can be generated in UmpleOnline through "TOOLS > GENERATE > State Tables" and clicking "Generate It".

They can also be generated through the command-line with "java -jar umple.jar -g StateTables *.ump".

State Machine With Concurrent States

class Student {
 status {
     changeParent -> ParentState2;
     NonConcurrentSubState1 {
       changeNonCon -> NonConcurrentSubState2;
     NonConcurrentSubState2 {
       changeNonCon -> NonConcurrentSubState1;
     changeParent -> ParentState1;
     ConcurrentSubState1 {
       change1 -> ConcurrentSubState2;
     ConcurrentSubState2 {
       change1 -> ConcurrentSubState1;
     Css1 {
       change2 -> Css2;
     Css2 {
       change2 -> Css1;
// @@@skipcppcompile


Load the above code into UmpleOnline