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The Python generator in Umple takes the Java code as an input and converts it to Python using the TXL transformation technology. This works in UmpleOnline, although currently Python code cannot be executed in UmpleOnline.

The Python generator also works on the command line, but if you are generating Python on the command line you need to install version 10.8b of FreeTXL first.

Since Python generation is in Beta, it does not currently fully support every Umple feature that Java does.

Currently supported features (fully tested in every Umple build):

Currently Partially supported features:

  • Aspect oriented code Injection.
  • State machines (see limitations below)

Currently unsupported features:

  • Tracing
  • after() capability in state machines (to enable delayed transitions)
  • Comments are currently being ignored and do not appear in the Python
  • Concurrency
  • Any Umple code that create the following Java:
    • extends Thread
    • threading
    • keyword synchronized
    • nested classes
    • TimerTask

If any of the features that are supported appear to function incorrectly, please report it to an Umple developer or submit it here.