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UmpleOnline URL options

UmpleOnline allows you to append various options to its URLi, enabling startup in a certain state. These are preceded by an ampersand, except the first in a list which would be preceded by a question mark.

  • ?nochrome: Hide the header of the UmpleOnline page (sometimes called the chrome) so only the model is visible.

  • ?nodiagram: Don't show any diagram, in order to show the text only.

  • ?diagramtype=GvClass: By default show graphviz class diagrams instead of editable diagrams.

  • ?diagramtype=state: By default show graphviz state diagrams instead of editable class diagrams.

  • ?notext: Don't show Umple text (doesn't have any effect if the diagram is also hidden).

  • ?nomenu: Hide the middle menu. Either ?notext or ?nodiagram must also be present.

  • ?readOnly: Turn off editing capability - use for display only.

  • ?filename=xxxxx: Load the model xxxxx. xxxxx is a URL with the leading https:// left off.