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ACM/IEEE 18th International Conference on
Model Driven Engineering Languages and Systems

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Sunday, Sept 27
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    Workshop: EXE - Executable Modeling

    Workshop: MASE - Modeling in Automotive Software Engineering

    Workshop: MULTI - Multi-Level Modeling (Continues on Monday)

    Tutorial: Modelical Foundations - Part I - Vangheluwe (Morning)

    Tutorial: Modelica Foundations - Part II - Vangheluwe (Afternoon)

    Tutorial: Empirical Research in Model Based Software Engineering - Chaudron (Afternoon)

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Monday, Sept 28
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    Workshop: ACES - Model-Based Architecting Cyberphysical and Embedded Software

    Workshop: AMT - Analysis of Model Transformations

    Workshop: GEMOC - Globalization of Modeling Languages

    Workshop: HuFaMo - Human Factors in Modeling

    Workshop: MODCOMP - Component-Based Systems

    Workshop: OCL and Textual Modeling

    Workshop: WUCOR - UML Consistency Rules

    Tutorial: Category Theory and Model-Driven Engineering - Diskin (Morning)

    Tutorial: How Industry Uses MDE - Whittle (Morning)

    Tutorial: Applying Model Driven Engineering Technologies in the Creation of DSMLs - Trask and Roman (Afternoon)

    Evening Satellite Reception

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Tuesday, Sept 29
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    Doctoral Symposium

    Educators Symposium

    ACM Student Research Competition

    Workshop: CloudMDE - On and For the Cloud

    Workshop: FlexMDE - Flexible MDE

    Workshop: MEA - Modeling in Enterprise Architecture

    Workshop: MMMDE - Mathematical Models for MDE

    Workshop: MoDeVVa - Verification and Validation

    Workshop: MPM - Multi-Paradigm Modeling

    Workshop: OSS4MDE - Open Source for MDE

    Workshop: Models@RunTime

    Tutorial: AADLv2, a DSL for Real-Time Embedded Systems - Hugues and Delange(Morning)

    Tutorial: Model-Based Design of Cyber-Physical Systems - Selic (Morning)

    Tutorial: ThingML: Model-Driven Software Engineering for Cyber Physical Systems - Fleurey and Morin (Afternoon)

    Tutorial: Textual Modeling and Model-Oriented Programming using Umple - Garzon and Forward (Afternoon)

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Wednesday, Sept 30

    Wednesday regular sessions (plenary, papers, demos)

    Mini--tutorial: Modeling at the Enterprise Level - Weisman (1.5h, afternoon)

    Evening Reception

Thursday, Oct 1

    Thursday regular sessions (plenary, papers, demos)

    Evening Banquet at the Museum of History - regular ticket for attendee. If you do not select this; you may not get a ticket even if you have paid. WARNING: Deadline to be certain to get a banquet ticket is Sept 23 (payment must be received by then). After that, a few may be available, on a first-come-first-served basis.

    Will not attend banquet (but no discount can be provided if this is chosen)

    Second banquet ticket for guest $70 - no special dietary requirements. DO NOT SELECT THIS AFTER SEPT 23

    Second banquet ticket for guest $70 - vegetarian

    Second banquet ticket for guest $70 - gluten free

    No requirement for second banquet ticket

Friday, Oct 2

    Friday regular sessions (plenary, papers) - morning only

    Mini-tutorial: Zen-RUCM: Requirements Engineering Framework - Yue and Ali (1.5h, morning)

    I am interested in afternoon tours of Ottawa (you will be contacted by email later if there is enough interest)

    I am interested in afternoon industry visits (you will be contacted by email later if there is enough interest)

Note that no lunch is planned on Friday


Paper IDs

If you author or presenter of one or more papers in symposia, workshops or other sessions please give the IDs of those here. It is essential that at least one author register by August 25th and attend, otherwise your acceptance may be cancelled. Paper ids a single string such as wabc99, and include one of the following self-explanatory) codes followed by the paper ID from easy chair. Make sure you register for the relevant session too. Session IDs:
demo doctsymp edusymp acmcomp
wexe wmase wsmulti
wsaces wsamt wsgemoc wshufamo wsmodcomp wsocl wswucor
wscloudmde wsflexmde wsmea wsmmmde wsmodevva wsmpm wsoss4mde wsruntime


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90% refunds are available only until August 25th, and available only for those not presenting papers. If you have special circumstances, please contact us.

Timothy C. Lethbridge, General Chair +1 613 252-1850 x6685

Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, University of Ottawa, 800 King Edward Ave, Ottawa, ON K1N 6N5, Canada

Registration is not considered complete until payment occurs. Unpaid Registrations with an unverifiable or duplicate name or email address will be deleted. Registrations remaining unpaid after August 25 will be deleted unless you contact us explaining any problem you are encountering.

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