ACM/IEEE 18th International Conference on
Model Driven Engineering Languages and Systems

Call for Sponsors

Become a Sponsor of Models 2015, and expose your organization, company, product or service to hundreds of people interested in Model Driven Engineering.

The following describes available Models 2015 sponsorship opportunities, subject to negotiation and to other terms listed at the end of this page.

We expect 300-400 attendees at the conference; however in addition, your sponsorship will be given a prominent place on our website (which will continue to exist for at least three years, and as long as possible beyond that). Your logo and contact information will also be on all publicity that occurs after your sponsorship payment is received and sponsorship contract signed.

To become a sponsor, please send an email to conference chair Timothy C. Lethbridge In your request please indicate a) The sponsorship level you are interested in (see below), b) an overview of what you wish to promote at the conference (e.g. tool, service, organization membership, book etc.), c) the high-resolution logo you wish to have used in publicity, d) information about how the conference should invoice you. Payments will be due May 1, 2015, or 30 days after the conference accepts your sponsorship, whichever comes later. If you wish to pay earlier, then your logo will appear sooner on the conference site.

Deadline for guaranteeing maximum exposure in publicity at the conference: April 2, 2015. Sponsorship requests after this deadline will be considered, but it may be too late for your logo to appear on certain publicity materials, or for you to sponsor specific events. The highest levels of sponsorship will be on a first-come-first-served basis, to ensure exclusivity.

All prices listed below are in Canadian Dollars; please be aware of exchange rate fluctuations

Bronze Sponsorship

  • Cost: $2000 CAD
  • Your small logo will appear on all conference webpages, and on various slides at conference plenary sessions.
  • One single-sided sheet of monochrome paper with content as specified by you will be included in the conference packs, and a link to an electronic version of this will also appear in the conference website. If you wish you can send us a pre-printed (at your expense) brochure to include.
  • The first 12 bronze or higher sponsors will be promoted as the official sponsor of one of the 12 conference morning or afternoon breaks.

Silver Sponsorship

  • Cost: $5000 CAD
  • Includes all the benefits of Bronze sponsorship enhanced by those listed below.
  • One free conference registration for both main conference and satellite events. If you don't wish to use this, then we will use some of your sponsorship funds to provide a bursary (in your name) to a needy student to cover some of their travel expenses.
  • The sheet of paper for the conference packs can be printed in colour by us and be double-sided.
  • Small logo on conference T-shirts
  • Small display space for the duration of the conference for you to set up a booth to display your wares and serve as a location to interact with people. You are responsible for supplying the contents, although you may ship the material to us, and we can set it up for you.
  • The first 6 silver or higher sponsors will be promoted as the official sponsor of one of the 6 conference lunches. You will be thanked at the lunch and allowed to speak for 5 minutes while people are eating.

Gold Sponsorship

  • Cost: $12000 CAD
  • Includes all the benefits of Silver sponsorship enhanced by those listed below.
  • Three free conference registrations, instead of one.
  • Logo on main conference banners and directional signs.
  • Larger logo and name on T-shirts
  • The first two Gold and higher sponsors will be given the option to sponsor the satellite reception or the best paper session, instead of a lunch.
  • You will be given the opportunity to talk for 5 minutes just after to one of the plenary sessions (keynote talk, panel, etc.). Choice of session is first-come-first-served, although priority will go to those offering higher levels of sponsorship.

Platinum Sponsorship

  • Cost: $25000 CAD (if you are the first applicant and wish to be exclusive, then the cost to guarantee exclusivity at this level would be $35000)
  • Includes all the benefits of Gold sponsorship enhanced by those listed below.
  • Seven free conference registrations, instead of three.
  • Larger logo everywhere.
  • Larger booth with guaranteed electricity supply
  • Sponsorship of the main conference reception (for the first Platinum sponsor who wishes it, others will sponsor lunches).
  • You will be given the opportunity to talk for 10 minutes prior to a plenary session of your choice; this may include showing a video promoting your wares. You will be the formal sponsor of this session.
  • Opportunity for a 30-minute session devoted to your company, organized by you but promoted by the conference and held on Monday or Tuesday. This could be a short hands-on session with your tool for example, and would most likely be during a break. Alternatively, you may sponsor any accepted workshop and work with the organizers to have time to talk at that workship (although workshop selection will be done by peer-review, independent of sponsorship).

Diamond Sponsorship

  • Cost: $60000 CAD
  • Includes all the benefits of Platinum sponsorship enhanced by those listed below.
  • Fifteen free conference registrations, instead of seven.
  • Even larger logo everywhere.
  • Sponsorship of the conference banquet in addition to a lunch. Opportunity to speak at both events (this might be ideal to ensure you reach people who don't come to both satellite and main-conference events).
  • Opportunity for a session of at least 90 minutes devoted to your company, organized by you but promoted by the conference at any time during the week, to be determined by you. This could be a hands-on workshop, for example. The session would not be in parallel with any plenary, lunch or social event, but otherwise could be at a time you prefer.
  • Exclusivity at this level. If more than one sponsor bids to be at this level, then the higher bidder will be accepted, and others will be offered Platinum sponsorship


Sponsors att all levels need to take note of the following:

  • The IEEE and ACM are the top-level conference sponsors, they have accepted the financial risks of the conference. Their logos will be as prominent as all other sponsors, they will be able to have booths to display their wares, and they will share in any conference profits or losses as per their agreement with the conference. This web page does not address IEEE and ACM sponsorship, which has been separately arranged.
  • Sponsorship funds will in part be used to reduce costs of participation in the conference by attendees, and in part to enhance services and quality of events. Use of funds will be at the discretion of conference organizers.
  • Selection of papers, keynote speakers, workshops, formal demonstrations, tutorials and other program elements will be based on scientific merit and be performed by peer review independent of all sponsors.
  • Sponsors who also participate in peer review will be asked to declare any conflicts of interest that may arise.
  • Competitors may be present as sponsors, or as presenters at various sessions.
  • Papers or talks may contain material critical of your company, products or services. In the interest of free speech and freedom from bias, the conference will not take any steps to suppress such material, although we will help ensure all material is in good taste.
  • The organizers reserve the right to limit sponsorship to sponsors relevant to the objectives of the conference.
  • Sponsors will be asked to sign a formal agreement outlining the responsibilities of each party.
  • Sponsors are asked to participate in helping promote the conference.
  • Other sponsors may have negotiated different arrangements than those indicated in this page.
  • In the case of a force majeur cancellation of part or all of the conference, or other difficulties such as travel restrictions caused by world events, priority will be given to refunding attendees fees (in whole or in part as possible). Refunding of sponsorships would only occur to the extent that there are funds available, after other expenses and contractual obligations are covered, and the IEEE/ACM sponsors break even. Sponsors would still be listed on the conference website.
  • The contents of this page are subject to correction and fine-tuning.